What We Do

Vimar Computer Services Inc. offers solutions to all of your computing needs. All work is performed to standards set by a recent computer science graduate from Lakehead University who also holds CompTIA A+ and Network+ certifications.

Services that we offer include computer sales and service, network installations and upgrades, web hosting and development, and composition of custom-imprinted materials such as business forms (including cheques, invoices, stationery, and more...) and promotional materials (including fridge magnets, premium quality business cards, premium quality posters, and more...).


Web Services
Domain Names
Domain names are an important part of any URL, whether an email address, or a web site address. Anyone can own them at a reasonable price. If you want to always be able to keep the same email address no matter what happens, registering a domain name is essential.
Choose your own email address. Keep your own email address. If you buy a domain name, any email addresses will be yours for as long as you own your domain. You no longer have to worry about losing your email address when changing internet providers. Our convenient webmail system will let you use email from any internet-connected computer.
Web Hosting
Our web hosting service gives you a lot more than just a server and bandwidth. It comes with a web server operator who has more than 5 years experience running web servers and other types of servers long before that. Where else are you going to find a web server where the operator can read, write, and help debug any type of code? Where else are you going to find a web server operator who will help you use the bandwidth that you are paying for? Where else can you find a web server operator who will do whatever is needed to help you start and sustain an online business?

Computer Services
Computer repair
In addition to answering computer questions, we troubleshoot computer problems from spyware to viruses. When it is not physically possible to look at your computer in person, we will either refer you to someone who can look at your computer, or try to help you with your computer problem at a distance using a combination of telephone, email, and MSN Messenger.

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